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Learn, Build ...Innovate




TUIT.Tech is more than just an electronics supply store. Basic, Advanced and Specialty workshops cater to the needs of your group. Workshops utilize a hands-on, project-based approach to learning. The fundamentals of electronics and programming are learned through building, coding and problem-solving in a collaborative environment.

Basic Workshops

Basic Workshops  (D.I.T.)

Hardware Costs

Included Components

Arduino 101 (The "Hello World" of Micro-controller Programming)

FREE! Innovator’s Design Notebook

-3 hours ($30 per participant)

Topics: circuit, Ohm’s Law, Arduino coding, bread-boarding, LEDs, switches

$40 (only $32 when signed up for workshop)

Arduino, LEDs, resistors, breadboard, buttons, USB cable, RGB LEDs, jumper wires, 10K Potentiometer, USB battery (rechargeable)

Intro to Sensors and Motors

-2 hours ($20 per participant)

Topics: analogue vs digital, serial port readings, input/output code

$30 (only $24 when signed up for workshop)

Temperature, Motion, Light, Touch, and Distance Sensors, Micro Servo, 5V Step Motor with Motor Module

LED Matrix and Other Displays

-2 hours ($20 per participant)

Topics: displaying data

$20 (only $16 when signed up for workshop)

8 X 8 Matrix, 1602 display, 7-segment displays, variable resistor


Beyond-the-Basics Workshops (Advanced)

Beyond-the-Basics Workshops  (D.I.T.)

Hardware Costs

Add-on Components

More FUN with LEDs (Build your own sign!)

-2 hours ($20 per participant)

$80 (only $64 when signed up for workshop)

RGB LED Pixel String (Individually Addressable)


Build a Robot

-2 hours ($20 per participant)

$80 (only $64 when signed up for workshop)

Ultrasonic sensor, Battery box, IR remote, Speakers, Servos, Wheels and More

Wireless Communication and The Internet of Things

(Make your robot follow a line with a phone app or send messages to your LED sign through the Internet!)

-4 hours ($40 per participant)

$80 (only $64 when signed up for workshop)

Bluetooth, Radio, ESP8266



Workshops are designed to inspire creativity, problem solving and innovative projects. The “Do-It-Together” (D.I.T.) model encourages working as a team and sharing ideas to solve coding challenges. Plus, your group saves 20% off all hardware.


Specialty Workshops

Specialty workshops emphasize design and prototype testing.

Your group can bring their ideas to life by planning and customizing their very own workshop. Possible mediums include 3-D printing, soft-circuits, wearables, robotics, woodworking, paper circuits and more! Your creativity and imagination rule here! And since Arduino code is open-source and freely shared, you can find lots of help for coding your project.


Preregistration opens May 1st, 2019.

Scheduling and workshop locations are fully customizable! Scenarios include a full-day workshop, once a week for 7 weeks, three-days in a row …whatever works for your group!

Note: Kits may be shared by two participants.

Currently, because personalized learning is a priority, a maximum of six participants per workshop can be accommodated.

Need to accommodate a greater number of workshop participants? Consider the Train-the-Trainer program to serve larger groups and save on costs.


Train-the-Trainer Program

The Train-the-Trainer Program is perfect for teachers, club leaders, camp councillors, tech managers, designers, etc. who are looking for ways to integrate learning to code and electronics into their classrooms, activities, projects, makerspaces, programs and work places.

Trainees receive customized training workshops and practical experience through co-leading Basic Workshops for their group. Get all the support you need before leading your own workshops. Support materials include: Power Point Presentations, step-by-step tutorials, Arduino code and personalized support in person and by email. Plus, workshop leaders continue to get 20% off at the TUIT.Tech store!