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Learn, Build ...Innovate

 Interested in Learning to Code With Electronics?

Try a virtual coding challenge...  and you could WIN one of ten "Coding With Electronics Kits"!

If you think your club, class or maker space might benefit from learning to code with project-based electronics kits (or just have fun trying), contact me at

I will work with you to customize an engaging project that meets the needs, goals and interests of your group.

Learning to code is empowering. It inspires creativity and innovative ideas. Consider sponsoring a group of makers in a Virtual Maker Event! I look forward to talking with you soon.

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 Get Your Arduino Code Editor Up and Running

1)  With a Windows PC, you can download and install the Arduino IDE directly onto your computer.

2)  With a Mac, the process is similar.

3)  Use Arduino's Online Editor. Accessible from anywhere, when you're connected to the Internet.

        a) Sign up for a free Arduino Create account at:

        b) Click "Arduino Web Editor" and "Create a New Account"

        c) SIGN UP with your username, email, and password.

        d) Click the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button.

        e) Activate your account through the email message you receive.

        f) Login in to your account and go to Web Editor.

4)  If you have a Chromebook, use Arduino Create from the Chrome Web Store. (I haven't tested this one because I don't have a Chromebook.) Apparently, it costs 0.99 per month.

5)  If you have a school Chromebook (used by many students), the IT department can install the "Arduino Create For Education Chrome App".

5)  Linux on Arduino Create.