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Learn, Build ...Innovate

 Interested in Learning to Code With Electronics?

Try a virtual coding challenge...  and you could WIN one of ten "Coding With Electronics Kits"!

If you think your club, class or maker space might benefit from learning to code with project-based electronics kits (or just have fun trying), contact me at

I will work with you to customize an engaging project that meets the needs, goals and interests of your group.

Learning to code is empowering. It inspires creativity and innovative ideas. Consider sponsoring a group of makers in a Virtual Maker Event! I look forward to talking with you soon.

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Starter Code For the PenguinBot 2.0

The following sample code will get you well on your way to learning, building and innovating with the Arduino Nano and the PenguinBot 2.0. 

Arduino Create (an online editor) has been used to share the code, but you can use any Arduino programmer

1)  Hello World

2)  Calibrate Servos

3)  Forward & Back

4)  Right & Left

5)  IR Sensor

6)  State Change

7)  Obstacle Avoidance

8)  More Moves

Ready to build and code your own PenguinBot 2.0?  

This ELEGOO PenguinBot 2.0 has been fully tested at TUIT.Tech. It is the perfect electronics kit to learn robotic functions such as line-following, obstacle-avoidance, playing MP3 music files, and so much more!

Canada Post shipping available to limited postal codes in Northern Ontario. In Thunder Bay? Free pick-up in store option available at checkout.

 The Wifi SMART Car

1)  Control a SMART Car With Your Phone