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FUN is #1!

"This good fun, explore, explore, explore, that's what science is, exploration, finding out new things, so have a good time with it" - Charles Townes

FUN is Priority #1! And believe it or not, it can all start with making an LED turn on and off! Welcome to the "Hello World" of microcontroller programming!

Here at TUIT.Tech you will not only learn coding and cutting edge technology, but you will have easy access to all the materials and tools you need to get started. Real world, hands-on projects involve robotics, engineering and mechanics, electronics, 3D print and parts design, design CNC parts and manufacturing, 3D game design, programming with Python, Arduino, and C++. Learn to code through real world, hands-on projects like making a robot with DC motors move wirelessly. then Then the real fun begins! Add complexity, we turn on that same LED with an Android app we created.

Innovation begins here at TUIT.Tech. Visit me today at Labs and experience the thrill of controlling your first Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D. for short) for FREE. Or, scoot me an email New projects and new technologies await your innovation.

Paula Shedden, The L.E.D. Lady